The "Illusion" panels won the first place in the ARCHIGradas-2015 competition (АРХИGradas-2015), which was conducted by Gradas among designers, students of specialized universities and architects. The main features of the panels are slightly raised opposite corners. This constructive solution gives rectangular panels an exquisitely soft and at the same time expressive shape. That creates a wide range of possibilities for creating sculptural facades in different styles.

The variety of geometric combinations that can be created by changing the location and direction of the facade elements is the advantage of the "Illusion" panels. This allows making effective building transformations giving them an interesting multilayered and volumetric exterior. Facades with such panels create incredibly interesting light effects, provide a different perception of the object and distinguish it from other buildings.

The "Illusion" panels are truly universal. They perfectly fit the exterior design of modern business centers and offices of established companies, as well as shopping malls, sports arenas and many other commercial buildings. The panels can cover the facade both partially and completely. The variety created by different combination of cassettes of this type allows implementing any artistic idea successfully.

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